This Blog is moving platforms.

If you follow this blog, and find it beneficial, please message me and I’ll give you the link to the new platform. 

I know 46 of 47 of you would never stalk me or disrespect my attempts to resolve a problem between us to the point that after almost a year, I’d have to post a call out publicly, which is against my nature.  I thank each and every one of you.

@livingsimpleandnatural – Thank you. Your support for others’ well being!

@kjshnpreet – Thank you.  Your work makes me smile!

@shubhangirawat – Thank you.  Your reminiscences get me nostaligic over my own childhood good things. 

@themidnightmuse2014 – Thank you.  Your persistence in your goals is admirable. 

@blackwings666 – Thank you. Your passion for horror/sci fi is so much fun to read. 

@erwinwensley – Thank you.  I admire your pop culture passion so much!  Your farewell to Stan Lee was moving.  

@fantasyscififestival – Thank you.  I appreciate your efforts to help movie, and other fantasy/sci fi content creators develop and grow as artists.  

@wordhunter53 – Thank you.  Your poetry is sometimes quite like a confection to savor.

@chenmanqi – Thank you.  Your poems are sometimes soothing to read, sometimes arresting.  Always, they are cathartic. 

@dreamingm – Thank you.  Your truthfulness in the face of intense and silencing misogyny causes me to feel like I cannot live up to your example.  I am proud of you for speaking out and for knowing that reality often does not include whether or not we are in association with a ‘husband/father.’  MUCH RESPECT, SISTER IN HUMANITY. 

@jamesdeeclayton – Thank you.  Your work is striving so much to reach the purest space in all of us.  Keep reaching.

@jamesdeeclayton – Thank you.  Your talent for dark fiction is chilling! 

@authentichumanstories – Thank you. Getting the lived experiences of people most folks try to ignore out there where they can be seen and supported IS SO IMPORTANT! 

@vibealittle – Thank you.  Your apparent faith is beautiful to me.  Thank you especially for not shoving it in my face.  I appreciate folks who follow their path without advertising overmuch.  I love being able to read your perspective on your blog.

@yuwatt – Thank you.  I hope your vision comes true.

@chitkaladitosh – Thank you.  Your poetry is beautiful!

@ankandas – Thank you for your transporting work.

@thejamesedgarskye22 – Thank you.  I’m so proud of your determination in your recovery and your support of others addressing the same challenges.  You are wonderful! 

@themidnightember – Thank you.  Your creativity is a beacon.  Keep it up! 

@charliehasler – Thank you.  Your book reviews are informative.

@carolinfontaine – Thank you.  Your music posts help us discover artists we might not have ever heard of if not for you! 

@rupeshjadhav155 – Thank you.  Your mullings on what distracts us and what our priorities need to be to be fully REAL are so useful and instructive.

@autumnphillipsrennie – Thank you.  Your near magical accomodation for sensory readers brings tears of appreciation to my eyes every time I drop by there. 

@robertokaji – Thank you.  Your poetry inspires me to better my own.  And for that I am deeply grateful. 

@kixbiz2018 – Thank you.  Your support of those recovering from troubles and learning the skills that help them navigate them later on without your assistance is wonderful. 

@hupsutupsu – Thank you for believing in me from the first moment I showed up here.  Your work is so amazing, I am in awe that you read my stuff at all!

@bethanysheldahl – Thank you.  Bethany, you’re a kind friend and you are so faithful to your Christ!  But you never act in such a way to cause my PTSD from other Christians to get triggered.  I am grateful to you in so many ways. 

@theapothecaryscloset – Thank you.  You make the most lovely ornaments for body and soul! 

@parkashpencia – Thank you.  Your poetry opens up vistas of the every day in unexpected ways.

@xaveriusaan – Thank you.  I am sorry to say I have an inability to read your blog consistently, as I am unable to read your native language.  For which flaw of character, I beg your forgivenness. 

@damonashworthpsychology – Thank you. Your support of folks in healing is inspiring.  Keep it up!

@refractreality – Thank you. Your poetry is lovely. 

@fitnessguruaz – Thank you, Jodie.  Your blog is so helpful to those of us with health issues and a longing to get more fit!

@wyntor – Thank you.  Your poetry is very moving. 

@sundaramchauhanwrites – Thank you.  Your spirit speaks in the work on your blog.

@colecampfireblog –  Thank you.  Lana, your heartfelt, homespun peaceful posts make my day.  Your heart and love for others shines through.  

@dreadpoetssobriety – Thank you for your beautiful self-expression.

@sarainlalaland – Thank you.  Sara, your gentle authenticity is a blessing to all who spend time with you on your blog. 

@notlimey – Thank you, Edward.  Your genuine soul pours through your poetry like a sunbeam. 

@caliath – Thank you.  Johnny, your work in multiple languages is exquisite and transporting.  NEVER STOP.  

As I said, there will be no further updates to this blog.  Those of you interested, feel free to use the contact page here to let me know your contact information  so I can link you to my new blog.  Thank you all so very much for your support while I was here.  This blog will be deleted in 30 days.


The Godly Chic Diaries

Blog author has ignored two emails requesting they stop following this blog which I sent at the beginning of my run here. Sometime in April, May, June. I quit emailing.

Since you’ve made it QUITE CLEAR you’re going to keep following me until I either convert or get angry or lose my mind or die – and I’m not willing to do any of those things, I will fucking explain. AGAIN. Not that I expect you will:

  1. HEAR

Why don’t I think hearing, listening, or respecting my needs will happen?

In my experience, ‘Godly’ people will do everything in their power to force others to conform or they’ll incapacitate or kill you – starting with emotional and psychological abuse first.

This doesn’t seem to be abuse to them. It seems like ‘sharing the truth and light.’ Sometimes apparently passively. Like consistently following a blog under a banner of GODLY CHIC DIARIES when it should be obvious the blog they’re following is NOT CHRISTIAN and that, therefore, it is highly likely the author of that blog was a survivor of Religious Abuse by so called Christians and Godly People and might need to not associate with folks who scream GOD GOD GOD from the rooftops. Yeah.

But since noting and respecting the obvious seems beyond you, here it is.

EITHER FOLLOW ME VIA EMAIL (presumably your email isn’t so I don’t end up in therapy or suicidal because if this. I don’t need to be low key bullied by some person who keeps pretending to like me work.

OR, and this is my favorite, STOP FOLLOWING ME.

You’re so lucky I’m too poor to buy a web site. I’d ban you for life.

The Manga I Read

Not that anybody asked.

Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
Kamisama Kiss by Julietta Suzuki
xxxHolic by CLAMP
InuYasha by Rumiko Takahashi
The Ancient Magus’ Bride by Kore Yamazaki
Barakamon by Satsuki Yoshino
Inu X Boku Secret Service by Cocoa Fujiwara
Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

Sweetness & Lightning by Gido Amagakure

The Anime I Watch Because the Manga isn’t Available Easily in the U.S.

Again, not that anybody asked.

Mushishi.  The manga is written by Yuki Urushibara.
Mononoke.  Spinoff of a Japanese Ghost Story anime.  Produced by Toei Animation.
Spirited Away.  Film by Hayao Miyazaki.

Welp . . . I got nothin’.

The Shrine Guardian

when once the little dog
howls her song
to the four winds

and her spirit folk
gather ’round to hear
her mourning song

to comfort her
long-suffering soul;
empower her for her work

and so it goes,
she sings her worries
to the four winds

and they nourish her
sweet, sweet soul
with lullabies of persistence and
of power

and so it goes,
the Shrine Guardian comes home
her grounding, her centering complete

and she curls herself
on her human’s lap
and sighs.

They Call Truth Lies & Lies Truth

The person who told me
my way speaking
meant I could not be a
middle aged person,
that I HAD to be a teenager

That, therefore,
nothing I said could possibly be true.

When I have always
seemed young for my oldness-levels.
When I seriously can’t
do the adulting
in exactly the same way the
so-called children can’t.

But, yeah. 

I was at the 1988 Olympics
when I was 15 or so;
it was 30 years ago now.

i feel so very old.
and i am forever youthful.
and so . . .

I talk in memes,
i sing snippets of songs,
movie quotes –
i communicate in metaphor –

they say this is too youthful.

They’re clearly
unclear on
the limits of ageism.

I See You

I saw you,
a little transparent,
as always,
your head bowed
in your hands.

They’re wet,
I see.

You haven’t had water
in too long,
surviving on caffeine
and suger
pretending to be liquid

I saw you.

I see you.

I hand you a big glass of cold,
clean water.

I hand you a safe for you sandwich.

. . . and a nice hot bowl of soup.

Just because
you need to remember. . .

I see you.

You’re worthy.

You’re enough.

The Old Gods Use the Right-Sized Pan

The old gods walk,
whispered to be demons by the current
paradigm’s slaves;

those slavering monsters
addicted to hate, to murder,
to creating suffering and violation —
in honor of All Who Author Evil,
and delight in it.

But, my loves, it shifts.

Let us  remember
who we truly are,
and that a crucible is needed
to refine and boost our power
to purify our deep, detached,
of the dross of hate and fear.

Let us act on that knowledge.
Remembering that,
while all Large Folk are not
the same person,

There ARE some who are present in many cultures
holding many names;
and there are many who do not Travel
in that way.

Right Relation requires that we LISTEN
that we study the Ancient Chroniclers
of Mighty Deeds of Yore,

that we pay attention when Honored Durga
gets irritated when little human souls call her Mago.
Lady of the Medicine Plant She is not,
though Granny Mago is. . .

Part of changing this deadly paradigm,
part of thwarting Ragnarok to some degree,

must be shedding our belief based upon
our own bodied reality,
and stepping out to learn and honor the realities
of Others.

Whether those others are humans
who live unlike ourselves,
who resemble us in ways we fear,
or were taught to hate – – or if They are the Larger Folk,
who we so love to claim to worship,
who we claim to have perfect devotion
and religiosity for –

never asking our Precious God(s)
if what we’re doing is Right Relation
with them,
usually preferring to assume we know –

because Snorri wrote some shit down here,
the kamis’ chroniclers jotted that there,
Paul and Peter told me  . . .
my papa told me,
my aunti said . . .

The Larger Folk speak in modern folklore, too,
and even so, be mindful.
Not all are worthy of your emulation,
or worthy of your love.

Be mindful.

Beware of cutting the ends off of the roast
when you have a more than adequate roasting pan
just because you saw your elders do it.

Usually, they didn’t have a big enough pan.

Think on it.